So who are Lauriston Property Services?

So who are Lauriston Property Services?



Having worked in property management and lettings for 10 years’ we understand the stress of completing works and the communication issues that can occur. We look to make the journey for our clients as seamless as possible.

Lauriston Property Services are proud to carry out quality work and focus on building long term relationships.

We understand the dynamic between landlords, agents, and tenants and aim to find solutions to keep as many people as happy as possible.

Our clients know that if an error does occur, they can rely on us to resolve it quickly.

Our experienced team of tradesmen, painters, plumbers, and electricians care about providing a quality service and we pride ourselves on being as friendly and as helpful as possible.


“We pride ourselves on a fully transparent service with the aim to invest in long term relationships rather than be a flash in the pan"