Service Level Agreement

1. Introduction

This document defines the service agreement between Lauriston Property Services Ltd and any if their clients, to provide a building repair and maintenance service.

1.1 The agreement covers the implementation of responsive maintenance, minor building works and insurance works.

1.2 Service contacts

Listed below are the names emails and primary service contacts –

Telephone number:  Monday – Friday, 8am – 5.30pm    0208 986 3654

Emergency number:  At all other times                               07515 509925

Web access:

Email address:

1.2.2 Professional services primary contact​

Name: Robert Kassell

Role: Director

Telephone number: 07515 509925

Email address:

2. Service description

Lauriston Property Services Ltd will provide a complete and comprehensive building, plumbing and electrical service with reactive maintenance and planned activities.
LPS Ltd will manage request for works, promptly responding to works orders and quotation requests and ensuring that all works are carried out in a safe and efficient manner.

The service covers all agreed properties in Central London to zone 2.

2.1 The services agreed to be in scope of the service level agreement.​

The following range of activities will be handled:


Day to day reactive maintenance.

Client requested works.

2.2 Our Services agreed to be out of scope of the service level agreement.

- Any services outside of London zone 2, unless previously agreed.

- Maintenance of specialist plant and equipment maintained by other professional services unless it is deemed urgent and agreed with the client in advance.

- Works requested by a leaseholder other than a director of the block without verbal authority from the property manager in advance.

2.3 Service coverage

2.3.1 Hour of operation and availability

Works requests from existing clients can be logged at any time via 

Lauriston Property Services will be unable to proceed with work without certain information from the client:

- Client name and address

- Response time required

- Purchase order number

- Site address

- Location within the building and a description of repair.

- Confirmation that there are available funds, or an arrangement made.

- Contact details - this can either be a name and telephone number of someone on site or the location of the keys. We cannot gain entry to the property without these and a charge may be made if the wrong information / keys are provided.

- Any further details that may assist the contractor.

Alternatively jobs can be logged by telephone Monday to Friday 8 am – 5.30 pm, however we will be unable to carry out any work until a purchase order number is sent via email.

The majority of work will be carried out during core working hours unless prearranged.

2.3.2   Service Eligibility​

This service is available to all property management and property related firms operating in the Central London area unless there is an ongoing issue with non payment of invoices at which point we reserve the right to refuse any new work until all agreed invoices are settled.

2.3.3 Service Issue Escalation.​

If there has been a service failure or disappointment the client should contact Robert Kassell, see contact details in section 1.2.2

For details of how service failures will be dealt with please see section 5.1

3. Service level

This section defines the agreed target performance levels between Lauriston Property Services Ltd and its clients for the provision of service.​

3.1 Target Service levels​

For the Standard services  which require a response to a breakdown, problem or client request the customer’s satisfaction with the service often related to the speed of response, and the time before the problem is fixed. Therefore Lauriston Property Services will agree to deal with reactive maintenance within the target response times below.

Response time means the time from receipt of the works order until an initial inspection, where appropriate a temporary repair has been completed. In some cases an ‘initial inspection’ can be carried out by discussion with the site contact without a site visit.

Completion time means the time from receipt of the works order until a long term repair or partial/ complete replacement has been carried out.

Working hours means hours within the core working hours (8am – 5.30pm Monday - Friday), and working days is construed accordingly.

Urgent repairs

For example repair to broken window causing security issues, stopping a leak, repairing lighting if light levels fall dangerously low, or repairing a trip hazard.

Response time – contact site within 1 hour during working hours

Site attendance for repair – within 8 working hours

Semi urgent repairs

For example fix door closer, adjust window, and replace defective lighting.

Response time – contact site within 1 hour during working hours

Site attendance for full repair – within 7 working days

Non urgent works

For example an item that a client wants carried out that does not pose a health and safety risk that can be carried out while an LPS ltd contractor is in the area.

Response time – N/A

Site attendance for full repair – within 28 working days.

Please note that all the above time frames are dependent upon parts being available for the repair and credit being available to the client. For any works over £1000 a deposit will be required.

3.2 Monitoring our performance

This section details how service levels will be monitored and how performance data will be provided to clients.

A set of performance indicators has been defined, and for each indicator performance will be monitored monthly, unless otherwise stated.

Performance data will be used as a management tool within Lauriston Property Services, to identify areas of strong and weak performance, providing essential feedback on processes and contractor’s performance for future improvement.

Periodic performance reviews will be held with key client representatives, to provide an opportunity to:

- Discuss actual performance versus target.

- Consider corrective actions where service is below the expected level.

- Consider any complaints.

- Consider fulfilment of the customer’s responsibilities and any issues arising from this.

- Consider any other relevant topics, including future requirements.

3.3 Schedule of performance indicators

Reactive maintenance –

Urgent repairs- 95% of requests received response and completion of work within published target.

Semi urgent repairs -95% of requests received response and completion of work within published target.

Non urgent repairs -95% of requests received response and completion of work within published target.

Please note that as in section 3.1 there are external factors such as parts or delays in instruction that may prevent us from achieving the above targets.

4. Customer Responsibilities

To report repairs to Lauriston Property Services as soon as possible, especially is there is a risk to health and safety.

To inform Lauriston Property Services as soon as possible if for any reason the client isn’t happy the practices or attitude of the contractor.

To provide access details or keys as soon as possible.

To assist in providing an efficient and effective service clients will be required to provide certain information when requesting work, please refer to section 2.3.1

5.  Management of Service Level Agreement

5.1 Governance and Review of Service Performance

This service level agreement and the actual performance levels will be reviewed on an annual basis, and target service levels will be adjusted if appropriate.

5.2 Service Issue Escalation

If a client is dissatisfied with the service provided under this SLA the client may make a formal complaint using the procedure set out below.

Stage 1.

The Customer should contact Lauriston Property Services to report the service failure and request an update, which will be provided within 1 working day. (If satisfied, no further action required.)

Stage 2.

The client should ask Lauriston Property Services for a more detailed response to the query which will be provided within 5 working days. (If satisfied, no further action will be required)

5.3 New Service Requests

​All new service requests should be directed through Lauriston Property Services. We will consider the request and provide an initial response within 7 working days.